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Another Reason Why Orthodoxy Is Where I'm Supposed to Be

Recently, in addition to reading and watching the many things our own priests publish  and post on a near-daily basis, I have started reading the daily meditations of Abbot Tryphon , igumen (head) of the All-Merciful Saviour Monastery on Vashon Island, Washington. He is clearly a very serene, peaceful man and his posts are such as that - even when they discuss serious issues of our times or difficult topics. He does so with a purpose of enlightening you and helping you manage these trying times while saving your soul. Our local priests do so as well. We are very blessed indeed and the times are darkening, but that does not mean our souls or our internal senses of peace must even as we prepare for what is surely about to get much worse. This may sound contradictory and impossible to reconcile. It is not.  Today, the good Abbot's  post really hit home with me. The title, "The Church, Like a Forest, Provides Needed Oxygen" is so very, very true. He compares the feeling he

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