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Pascha 2020 & Celebrating Toby's Birthday

Christ is risen! Truly He is Risen! 
That is our Paschal greeting which we use for the next 40 days until Pentecost. It is beautiful. We will say it over and over, as we did during the Paschal Divine Liturgy. We will say it in many languages. English, Geek, and Slavonic, of course, but also German and even Swahili as we have a connection with and to an Orthodox Orphanage in Kenya. Our parish helps support it and Toby and I are regular donors. It is such a worthy cause.  
Pascha prep really helped Pascha itself. Yes, we were tired. The Zoom Pascha basket blessing went pretty late. When we finally logged off at nearly 6 a.m., our friends were still going strong. I think we all really miss each other. The Orthodox - at least at our parish and the one we visited in Honolulu - are very, very close and social. 
Services were beautiful even if we had to view them remotely. We have such a gifted choir. Our choir director, Matushka Jenny, at the last minute, could not come and lead. Instead, …

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