An Evening Walk at Breckinridge Park

It has been a weekend full of work for me, but we did manage a brief evening walk at Breckinridge Park. I experimented with some low light photography.

I like these very large trees with white bark. I believe they are called American Sycamores.

The color here even at dusk is very accurate. 

It is still very hard to get clear, focused pictures when you zoom in a great deal. The slightest movement makes them grainy and out of focus. 

I zoomed in a bit on this one as well. 

A crane in silhouette. Again, it is not the clearest because of the amount of zoom required and the low light.

I like this one. 
This one also came out quite well. 

Again, the light was really fading, but I was able to capture the color of the sky very accurately and clearly. 

The sun was now almost completely gone and I was still able to get some detailed shots of these clouds.

Trying to capture a beautifully decorated house in the distance. This happens to be my favorite house in this neighborhood. Not the clearest, but OK. 

Still get a little of the color of the sky in this shot. 

So, there you go. Much better than my last iPhone, but still not what you can get with some high end cameras and lenses, like my Toby has. 

Thanks for reading!