Moscow Mules

When your husband texts you this picture, you come running downstairs!

We had a hard day for a Saturday. We are both very behind in work, personal projects, and domestic chores. We had intended to go to a party and then Vigil, but it was not to be. Something had to give. We stayed home all day - not even venturing out for a walk this morning - and worked on our stuff. Indeed, even as it is nearly midnight, I'm working on a legal project after cleaning the house and doing laundry all day. Toby worked on the yard and garage in between working on a programming project which he is doing now beside me as I work (and take this short break to blog). 

But we did have some burgers and Moscow Mules tonight. Toby texted me Friday and said, "Need to give Moscow Mules more of a shot this year." So I say, "We need copper cups." I'm all about the proper drinkware and dishes and such. I ordered him a set which came with nifty copper straws, wood coasters, and a recipe book. Score! 

And he put it all to good use the day they arrived. We have an abundance of mint in the remnants of our herb garden. We never did get a chance to revive it this year, despite the herbs I purchased. It was raining nearly every weekend and when it wasn't, we either had other obligations or were dealing with sickness. Le sigh. What is there now are volunteers. Mint is hardy, thank goodness. 

These were great! I'm digging ginger beer, which is naturally gluten free. This one had antioxidants. Obviously, it's a health food. 

Thanks for reading!