Little Elm Autumn Fest 2019

I'm going to catch up on my posting today, at least for the highlights of our fall so far. I'm posting them in chronological order. First up - the Little Elm Autumn Fest which Toby has taken the kids to a couple of times, but this was my first time going.

I like the idea of carnivals, but I am easily nauseated and so moving rides is not my thing. But I enjoyed just going and getting out and seeing the kids have so much fun - and that they did! And, I was able to ride the Ferris Wheel which was actually a bit scary for me - but not for the reasons you might think.

This was the unofficial kickoff of the fall festival season for us as it is the earliest each year. It was great to start to our fall and portended great things to come.

I like to take pics by just looking straight up sometimes. I took this one as we were boarding the Ferris Wheel. I enjoyed the ride and views. The scary thing for me was the very rickety sounding nature of it every time we passed a certain point. As a products liability lawyer, I'm only too well aware of all the ways things can go wrong and what can happen. It's a blessing and a curse. You never get on a ride, buy a car or appliance, or anything the same way again. I was literally sweating this ride. 

We had a beautiful full moon! 

Anthony was loving these little motorcycles, which did wheelies periodically that both excited and scared him. 

He looks so serious, but he was having a great time.  

He and Lucy rode this one I think about 10 times.
Augie got in on it, too. He has a weak stomach as well - but not as bad as mine. 

Lucy and Anthony ate fried Oreos. Fair food. Yikes! 

So began our fall. It has been a really great one and it's not over yet!

Thanks for reading!