A Tremendous Sunset on January 19, 2020

Another catch-up post, but Toby and I were stunned by a sunset we each saw from different parts of town the evening of January 19, 2020. He was taking Lucy to Youth Group and I was headed to Central Market for groceries and flowers. I had to exit off the turnpike and pull over to take some pictures. The sunset was so very unique! I did not know at the time that Toby was also chasing it. He got some great photos as well, of course! 

I could tell by the clouds to the northeast that out west was something spectacular. 

And there was! 

Honestly, as time progressed, it just got better and better! 

I wanted some wide angles.

But I wanted some that were more vertical as well.

The clouds and sun were in constant motion. Things kept changing, especially the colors!

I needed to get back on the road, but at a light I captured it again.

And then, once in the parking lot, it was almost as if it had never happened. It was still bight but the almost neon oranges and pinks were gone. By now I was talking to Toby on the phone and we were comparing notes. I was eager to see what he had been able to do. I did like this tree in silhouette though. 

More trees in silhouette.
So that was that! It was such fun!

Thanks for reading!