Cottonwood Trail Walk on January 25, 2020

It seems we've favored the Cottonwood Trail of late. On January 25, Toby and I wanted to take Augie with us to walk it as far as we had on New Year's Day. He gets a bit impatient with our stopping and standing to take pics so long, so I refrained. I did like this pretty red cardinal among the dead leaves and gray branches. The iPhone may have zoom, but it lacks clarity. Toby's camera is much better for this. I can get a hint of what something is. He can practically get the rods and cones of its eyes. 

We walked some of the little bits of the trail around the AMC Theatre. There are some areas that veer off of the main trail and extend more into the city.

I'm happy to say that in catching up on my posting, I see that we've managed to walk about every other weekend. We do what we can and every bit helps. Now, I really must work! 

Thanks for reading!