Morning Walk on the Northern/Northwestern Branch of Foxboro Park on May 30, 2020

This part of Foxboro is a favorite and very different from the other trails we like there. It heads north and northwest of the main part of the park. In the evenings, especially in summer when the sun is more directly west, it provides a great way to catch a sunset. In the spring, it provides fields of wildflowers. Recently, a new skyscraper went up along it. To our surprise and pleasure, the landscaping includes a ton of native wildflowers planted there that have come up the last two springs. What a wonderful service to the community. This is another area that we missed in its prime, but there was still plenty deal to see. 

There were also busy fish that day that Toby really was able to get super clear close-ups of. I didn't even try. I just kept spotting them for him. A few of Toby's other pics this day made his Best of 2020 herehereherehere, and here

Without further ado, here is my, admittedly, massive photography offering. It was a beautiful day with a lot to capture. We made the most of it. 

This is an extensive planting. 

There is quite a varity of things planted as well. And they are not mowed down (unlike other fields we know of) and are left to do their thing (and hopefully replant for next year!)

This would not be a bad view from an office window.

I like to capture things I notice that stand out on their own; things that are alone, that maybe don't quite "go" with the rest but add to the beauty of things. This is another metaphor for life, I think. 

I should write the property owners / managers a letter of thanks.

Cottonwood Tree "fuzz" that drives my allergies nuts.

I think it's great that they didn't chop down that tree and built next to it. 

Both sides of the trail are just covered in wildflowers.

Some of the rarer all-yellow Firewheels there.

And, some of the rarer all-red Firewheels. I think someone was very thoughtful about this planting. 

The artist at work. 💛

I was trying to capture the light through the still young leaves there but it didn't quite work this time.

I drive over this area many times a week, sometimes up to four times per day, and unless I'd explored with Toby like this, I'd never know that there is a whole natural world under here. It's just so unexpected from what you think it would be when your'e just busily driving over it to get wherever you're going.

See the white dots? That's not from the sun. Those are the Cottonwood fluff or spores or whatever they are. They float around like snowflakes. We noticed them on our way back.

This is an open field across the street from the trail we walked on and near the parking lot. 

I also made a video of this Mockingbird singing his heart out. 

Thanks for reading!