Having Nature around Us Is Healthy

A recent arrangement for my desk. I love the bright, cheerful orange and yellow, which are also evocative of fall, especially with the red berries. 

So, I've frequently posted about the fresh flowers I have at my desk or around my house. (See, e.g., here, here, here, here, here, and here.)

Another recent autumnal arrangement for my little desk, enhanced by an Amaretto Sour, courtesy of my Toby. ❤️

I love flowers. They make me happy and I adore having a bit of nature around me. Now, there is scientific proof that flowers make you feel better. I didn't need this, but in case you did. I think some things come down to what makes you happy and help you find peace. 

As long as it's moral and ethical and legal, there is nothing wrong with adding some things to your life that bring you joy. Life is hard and we are not to avoid all difficulties. Sacrifices and challenges are what humble us and bring us closer to God. They are part of His purpose and goal to perfect us. If we take them in the proper spirit, we can find lessons in even the most hurtful of circumstances. But God gave us nature, too, and we are not to dwell only on the hurtful, difficult things. We should not ignore this. 

From The Orthodox Study Bible, commentary on John 16:6. ❤️☦

I noted in one of my recents posts that living close to green spaces is healthier. I can totally understand this. Apart from being before the Eucharist during Divine Liturgy or Vigil, I don't know where you can better find God than in nature or enjoying His creation. 

🍂 These fallish flowers were turned into arrangements in the planters at our front door. 🍁

And, there's no need to break the bank. As I've noted before, the humble, ubiquitous, long-lasting, multi-purpose, and multi-colored Alstroemeria can bring you great joy and last for weeks! 

So, go get some fresh flowers. Take a walk in nature (as often as you can). Say some prayers. Find some ways to bring yourself (and those around you) more peace of mind and spirit in these increasingly darkening times. 

Thanks for reading!